Fall Dance Classes

Register for the Fall dance class sessions with in-person and remote options available! All classes will have a Zoom option and more class options may be added based on demand once the year gets underway.

Friday evening “Variety” classes will offer different styles in one month sessions. Our first month will be Contortion from Oct 9th to Oct 30th. Other styles going forward will include Turns and Leaps, Musical Theater, Open Tumbling and more!

As a reminder, we've made important changes to provide a safer experience at LSSD. Here are a few highlights of our continued efforts and some changes you can expect to see:

Enhanced Cleaning

· We have a strong cleaning regimen in place where the studio is cleaned multiple times each day at key touch points, before and after classes, with an EPA-approved disinfectant.

· We have a HEPA rated filtration system at the studio that recycles the air every 2-3 minutes and removes 99.97% of particles

New Safety Protocols

· In order to adhere to best practices for social distancing, we will be limiting the amount of dancers in each class to stay within the recommended guidelines for gatherings indoors.

· Similarly, we are not allowing anyone to wait in the hallways of the studio. Dancers must be dropped off at the door or at the front desk. (the exception being our little ones who may need assistance using the restroom during classes).

Personal Protection Equipment

· All instructors will be wearing masks - masks are encouraged but not required for dancers while they are dancing.

· Dancers waiting between classes in the hallway must wear a mask.

· Any parent or guardian entering the building must wear a mask.

· All dancers must wear some sort of dance shoe or “grippy socks” for class - This includes Acro classes. Bare feet will not be allowed.

Studio Space

· We’ve just finished our renovation of Studio 1. We’ve made a number of changes, the biggest of which was taking down dividing walls in order to create a larger space. This new, superior space will allow for us to dance together at a safe distance during classes.

Zoom Classes

· Even with our new cleanliness standards, renovated studio, disinfection protocols and social distancing policies, we understand that some of you may be anxious about returning to the studio. Additionally, some of you have enjoyed the ease and accessibility of our Zoom classes. As such, we’ll be offering a hybrid of both in-studio and online classes this fall to accommodate everyone. Each class offered in person at the studio will also have an optional Zoom link.

While this year brought a lot of changes to all of our lives and to LSSD, there is still a lot that has not changed and won't. Our mission is still to provide our students with quality training in a safe, positive and motivating environment. We’ll continue to promote self-confidence, discipline, personal accomplishment and respect for others.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in October and continuing to share our love and passion for dance. We hope to see you then!